Despite the quarantine, there was a traffic jam at the intersection of General Paz and San Martín


With long lines of cars and delays in different sections: this was the return home this Tuesday in the middle of quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although the isolation measure still applies in Argentina, images of the transit showed otherwise, especially in the corner of General Paz and San Martín, where an average congestion of 500 meters was registered.

This beginning of the week was different. Near 50 thousand cars They entered early Monday through the entrances to the City of Buenos Aires. This represents the 79% of vehicles who passed through these steps on a typical day before the start of quarantine.

The corner of General Paz and San Martín this Tuesday around 17 (Photo: TN capture)

According to data from the City’s Transportation Secretariat, on Monday some 49,200 cars, which were identified by the Digital Ring system that is deployed throughout General Paz, which links the Federal Capital with different Buenos Aires parties; and on the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway.

The quantity detected marks a 10% increase With respect to Monday of last week, the day that some 44,900 cars. It also shows 79% of the circulation of a normal day before quarantine, when some 62,100 vehicles.

On the other hand, on the motorways of the City the passage of 23,300 vehicles, 2% more than last week. An increase in circulation was also evidenced, as it reflects a 69% of the activity of a regular day, for example, that of March 9, when 33,900 cars entered.


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