Coronavirus: “We do not believe in the strategy of controlled contagion,” said the Buenos Aires government


The Minister of Health of the City of Buenos Aires, Fernán Quirós, ruled out a shift in the district’s approach to the coronavirus pandemic. After providing a report on the evolution of the disease in the Federal Capital, he stated: “We don’t believe in controlled contagion strategy

What we want is to have as few infections as possible, but we understand the multiple dimensions of the human being and an essential one is the economic one, because it is not that they do not get sick from a disease and get sick from so many other things.”, Raised the official.

Quirós said that they do not have a way of projecting a “controlled contagion” because the technical elements are not precise. For this reason, they will continue to analyze week after week how the positive case curve evolves and by virtue of this, new compliance guidelines will be established within the framework of quarantine.

The population must be clear that these decisions first go one way and then go the other, according to how we see the evolution“He remarked.

As reported, the Buenos Aires government does not plan this week to adopt measures to relax the quarantine beyond some specific activities such as the take away in gastronomic businesses, raised yesterday by the deputy head of government Diego Santilli.

The debate on whether we can take further action is not over. We are doing a technical analysis of each possibility but we are not yet in a position to make any decision“He assured in a report that from today they will be repeated every Tuesday and Friday.


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