Coronavirus: due to the increase in cases they will make swabs in Barrio 31


The increase in confirmed cases of coronavirus in the vulnerable neighborhoods alerted the health authorities, so there will be swabs in Barrio 31, one of the most important sources of infection.

So far, according to data provided by the Buenos Aires Government, there have been 223 positive cases and a death. Therefore, starting this Tuesday, an operation will be launched that will include swabbed to people who have had close contact with the infected or present symptoms compatible with COVID-19. They will start with Retiro neighborhood 31, and will be repeated in Peace, in the locality Quilmes.

The operation will include swabs from people who have had close contact with those infected or have symptoms compatible with COVID-19. (Photo: AP)

The governments of the Nation and the City, in a joint task, will carry out the sanitary operation DETeCTAr (Strategic Testing Device for Coronavirus in Terrain of Argentina) to identify people with coronavirus and refer them for their attention. For this, the tests called PCR will be performed, which are indicated to diagnose the disease.

“The operations will focus on the active search for feverish people through an epidemiological system of health surveillance,” official sources told Telam. In addition, they assured that they will first seek close contact cases with infected people who have symptoms. And then the investigation will continue to detect more people who may be infected. If it is considered that they had links through which they may have been infected, they will also be tested.

Towns 31 and 1.11.14 continue to be the most affected by the pandemic. (Photo: EFE)
Towns 31 and 1.11.14 continue to be the most affected by the pandemic. (Photo: EFE)

The DETeCTAr operation will also have mobile sanitary units. The objective is “early detection”, so they estimate that the test results will be in 24 hours. And they will seek to expand it to the rest of the country’s vulnerable neighborhoods.

In the City of Buenos Aires, the Barrio 31 and 1-11-14 continue to be those most affected by the pandemic. According to the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health, in the Retiro settlement there are 133 confirmed cases, while in Flores there would be 67.

The distribution of cases in vulnerable neighborhoods is completed with three that were detected in Ramón Carrillo; two in Hidden City; two in Villa 20; one in the Fatima neighborhood; one on 21-24; one in Rodrigo Bueno; one in Piletones; another in Barrio Miter and eleven other residents who live in vulnerable neighborhoods, but it was not specified which one.

Meanwhile, Saturday, May 2 Toribia Balbuena, 84, became the first fatal victim due to coronavirus in Barrio 31. The woman was the mother of the first case of COVID-19 registered in that neighborhood, a young woman who was discharged last April 30.


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