a drop helped by a “day of fury” in BANKS


The new regulations of the Central Bank that seek to limit the operation of “cash with liqui” debuted. Technical obstacles enraged savers

The restrictions that the central bank imposed at the last minute to prevent those who had bought dollars counted with liqui or MEP They could buy the $ 200 monthly quota, made it practically impossible to buy dollars on Monday at banks, especially through home banking. This brought anger and helplessness to clients, and severe headaches to those responsible for bank systems, both public and private.

Many users of public banks (such as the Nation and the Province) They could not buy dollars because when entering the page the option was not available. Yes, to sell dollars, but not to buy. In the Nation they admitted that: “It is thus, there are no operations of dollars by home banking until the systems adapt to the new requirements of the Central”, they explained.

“As the circular was only known today, we are all banks running to put in order the systems with the requirements that are requested,” they added.

It happens that only on Monday morning was the measure taken by the body that leads Miguel Pesce, and that prevents access to the market to natural and legal persons who have carried out exchange operations through the stock market in the last 30 days or have received any of the credits that the Government offers as aid for quarantine, be loans to 24% for companies, or loans at 0% rate for monotributistas.

“It was a very difficult day for several reasons: it was a Monday after a long weekend and there was a lot of expectation for the price of the dollar, beginning of the month (people have pesos available) but mainly because you could not access information that it depended on organisms like AFIP or ANSES, and that made it very difficult to sell dollars through the online banking system, “they explained in a major private bank.

And they confessed that the anxiety of the clients caused them to have a traffic of attempted operations online and by the application three times greater than what they normally have on an ordinary Monday.

The situation was not the same in all banks. Some private banks, such as Santander, were able to carry out some operations, but others were suspended. In HSBC the option was not available, while in other entities there were delays and complications that angered users.

“The issue is that the systems do not adapt as quickly, and we are not just talking about the bank systems, we are talking about the information that you have to send – or come across – with the AFIP to find out if you asked for a loan to pay wages, or ANSES to find out if that person who wants to buy dollars is a beneficiary of the Emergency Family Income (IFE) and all that did not work today, “they admitted in a public bank.

And they admitted, “We don’t think this will normalize before Wednesday.” With which, tomorrow Tuesday, it will be another day of fury for those who try to get the $ 200.

Those who were lucky enough to request a turn and have someone explain it to them at the window, perhaps they could understand. But those who tried it from the computer or the cell phone received no explanation, and without a doubt – taking into account the obligatory social isolation – they were the majority.

Of course, the objective of lowering the price of the dollars that are operated by the stock market that the Central Bank was pursuing with this measure undoubtedly paid off: the MEP dollar closed at $ 110 and the cash with liquidity operated at $ 112. Of course, the one that was unstoppable was the blue: it went to $ 110 for the purchase and $ 120 for the sale.

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