They criminally denounced a prosecutor for using a “Maradonian” insult during a virtual hearing


An unusual event occurred in the town of General Alvear, in the province of Mendoza, at the end of a virtual conference. A prosecutor was criminally denounced after it was recorded using a “Maradonian” insult when the hearing was about to end.

This is the prosecutor Martín Castro, who said “you have it inside”, term he used Diego Maradona during a press conference when he was coach of the National Soccer Team.

The reason the hearing was held was to decide if they granted the release a police officer accused of sexually abusing a girl under 16 in 2019, Daughter of the couple I had at the time. That is why the parties faced each other before Judge Claudio Gil to define whether the house arrest.

Finally Judge Gil denied the release of the accused and when the magistrate dismissed the parties, there was a second of silence where the prosecutor Castro was heard saying the offensive phrase.

“I have been in the profession for 20 years and have been touring the courts and a situation like this has never happened to me, it is a terrible lack of respect for the role that must be played as representative of the State. As a woman I feel offended, discriminated against; I have never experienced anything like this between colleagues. What is this? As if I won the trick. It’s crazy “, said Carina Oliva, one of the defense attorneys for the newspaper The Andes.

“Hearings are always held in an area of ​​respect, but the prosecutor behaved criminally, which is why the breach of the duties of a public official and abuse of authority, when telling the parties – accused and defenders – ‘you have it inside’. It is derogatory and disqualifying, it is a mocking phrase and reflects a superb attitude. In my 30 years of exercise I have never heard an outburst of this caliber. It doesn’t measure up to its role, “said Nedic, the other defense attorney.

For his part, the prosecutor Castro acknowledged that he pronounced the insult and defended himself saying that it was in the private sphere and when he believed that the video conference had ended.

And he maintained: “If they want to self-refer, it is their question. Neither was the judge, it was a situation that occurred in the area of ​​my privacy, only that it was recorded”. The prosecutor also commented that in private called them and asked for “the corresponding apologies” to the lawyers.

The lawyers reported that they denounced him criminally. They are going to present the recusal of Castro so that he departs from the cause and will take the case before the Rights and Guarantees Commission in the Legislature.


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