Quarantine: he has five children, his house caught fire and he struggles to rebuild it


Miguel Ángel Ledesma lives in the neighborhood March 17, in Villa Fiorito, Lomas de zamora. He has five children and at the end of November suffered a fire in his house that left him with nothing. “There was a power outage and when we wanted to connect the electricity again everything exploded,” he recalls.

“Here ahead I had a little roof to put the washing machine and the dryer. Next to it we had the kitchen, here was our room and there the children’s room”, Miguel shows.

Every time he talks about what happened to him, he feels the same sadness that was born when he saw how the effort of his whole life was consumed in a matter of minutes.

Fortunately, no family member suffered injuries. But they lost almost all their belongings, your documents and today are challenged to get your home back on its feet in one of the most difficult economic times in the history of the country.

Miguel in front of what was his house, devastated by fire. Photo: Mario Peredo / TN.com.ar.

“After the fire we had nowhere to be, we were at my compadre’s house, “says Miguel in dialogue with TN.com.ar. And he explains that as soon as they could collect the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) that Daiana receives they went to rent a little room one block from where they lived.

However, the money is only for rent. The family eats at the Los Gurises picnic area within the neighborhood and Miguel try to make some masonry changas to be able to buy materials.

“With quarantine everything is stopped”, sadly admits the man, who before social isolation was decreed also worked in a warehouse but now closed.

The anguish of a family, after losing everything. Photo: Mario Peredo / TN.com.ar
The anguish of a family, after losing everything. Photo: Mario Peredo / TN.com.ar

In December, the family went to ask the Ministry of Social Development for help and they gave them “a bag of merchandise and two mattresses“He claims that it helped, yes, but it failed.

Miguel dreams of returning to his home, located in Darwin 2705, but for this you need bricks, braces and sand. “That is the most expensive,” he clarifies.

And she regrets having to use “her children’s” money to pay a rent. “Me I should use that money to buy slippers or jackets now that the cold is coming, “he says with anger.

Anyone who can donate materials to help him rebuild his home can contact Miguel Ángel on his cell phone (11 5010-3670) or also bring the materials to the Los Gurises dining room in Villa Fiorito.

(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)


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