Walmart seeks to sell its businesses in Argentina


Walmart’s parent company in the United States decided to put an end to its operations in Argentina.

The largest supermarket chain in the world seeks to add a partner or buyer to its local operations, and with this objective it gave a mandate to sell its Argentine subsidiary to Citibank bank, according to the newspaper. The nation.

From the company they recognize the search for a partner for their business in Argentina, although they specified that the operation entered into a impasse because of the pandemic.

“At the beginning of this year, we began to explore the possibility of new alliances to enhance our business in Argentina and its growth path; a process that was in its early stages, but which we were confident could help accelerate our strategy in Argentina. As of today, this process is on hold due to the need to focus on management in the context of the emergency situation by Covid-19, ”said Juan Pablo Quiroga, manager of Institutional Relations at Walmart Argentina.

Walmart Argentina has 92 branches in the country, of which three are in the city of Córdoba.

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