He stayed on the street for quarantine and now helps as a volunteer at the San Cayetano church


“I give a hand to whoever I can and, whoever can, gives a hand to me”, reflected Esteban, a boy from Misiones who traveled to Buenos Aires to work and, due to the quarantine and the paralysis of activities, stayed on the street. Now he spends his days like volunteer at the San Cayetano church, serving people who come looking for a plate of food.

Esteban worked in the construction area, but due to the measures implemented by the Government to contain the expansion of the coronavirus in Argentina he lost his job.

“Since the quarantine started, I stayed on the street. I was working and my money ran out, I ran out of rent. I don’t have a weight, I don’t have anything. And they don’t let me travel anywhere, so here I am, “he said in dialogue with TN.

Esteban had to leave the apartment he was renting because he stopped having income and now lives under the Liniers bridge. “I spent many years on the street when I left my house in Misiones. I would cover myself with a cardboard and eat what I could, check the garbage,” he said.

While counting the days for the situation to improve and get back to work, works voluntarily at the San Cayetano church bringing a plate of food to more than 500 people who come to the place every day.

“It doesn’t cost me anything, I help people who are on the street and I understand their situation,” he said. He sees it in a very simple way: “I give a hand to the one who can, and the one who can, gives a hand to me. That’s how I live day by day: thinking about what the others are going to eat and what I’m going to eat. “

Despite the bad moment he is going through, he does not lose hope and remains positive: “Now the quarantine ends and I begin to work again. I have a good time and sometimes a bad one. “

If he looks forward, Esteban dreams of having his own place to live. “Someday I will have my house”, ensures. Almost like a promise, trust that better days will come someday.


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