Entrepreneurship: shared travel sites and lost items


The provision of services through the web continues to add initiatives. The company El Eco Multimedios launched two new platforms linked to carpooling and lost and found objects.

The loss site (perdidosencontrados.com.ar) aims to unite those who found objects with those owners who have lost them. The portal works for both comp items for animals.

“It is a platform that is free to use, both for those who search and for those who find it,” said its producers.


The site for shared trips (viamotutti.com) for short, medium and long distance is intended for all those who want to travel, enjoy and save with this type of transport.

“From the company we apply the highest levels of security so that each trip is effectively carried out in the way in which it was contracted,” they say from the platform.

The shared trip, better known worldwide as carpooling, consists of the shared use of a private vehicle, with a non-professional driver and at least one passenger, to coincide on a journey or part of it.


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