The video of the police hero: he got into a fire and rescued a dog from the flames


A voracious fire consumed a house in the Ñanderoga neighborhood of the town of Ruiz de Montoya, in the province of Missions. Alerted by the flames and smoke, neighbors called firefighters who immediately arrived at the scene.

Police officers also arrived, listening to the desperate howling of a dog. The cape Marcelo Dos Santos did not hesitate a minute to risk his life to save the animal.

It was covered with a pink blanket and got into the flames. There he found the dog that was on a leash. He released it and left with the pet in his arms. Thus, he saved his life. He was transferred to a vet because he suffered burns on his back, but he is out of danger.

Firefighters they could control the fire and thus prevent it from spreading to other homes. The losses suffered by the owner of the house were total and he is being assisted by the residents and authorities of the municipality.


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