PROVINCE BANK SHIFTS: how to get it online


In quarantine, with a previous shift online or by phone, you can go to Banco Provincia branches. What are the procedures allowed

The quarantine extends over time and some banking activities must adapt to these circumstances, fundamentally because they have to continue to function in order not to paralyze certain operations urgent financial. Therefore, to provide face-to-face care, the Bank Province, like other entities, offers shifts on-line and via telephone since a few weeks.

From the Bapro they assure iProfessional that “there is no difference between the two options” to take a turn to be attended at a branch, but This request can only be used to make one of the following three types of formalities concrete: Attention commercial, Province Microcredits and operations in Dollars per box.

All of them are authorized by the Bank Central of the Argentine Republic (BCRA), entity that regulates system financial.

The objective of this online shift award is to avoid crowds in the local and thus protect people from contagion of the coronavirus, in the framework of the quarantine mandatory.

Likewise, it is clarified that the voucher of turn granted also enables as transitional permit traffic the day to attend the Bank, and you will be asked to enter the branch office.

It is important to clarify that, as determined by the government, the retirees and pensioners They do not need turn if they appear in the branch office the day that corresponds to collect their assets, according to the schedule established by the National Social Security Administration (ANSES).

Also, the boxes of Attention staff are empowered to assist clients beneficiaries of retirements and pensions that do not have card of debit, according to the schedule for completion of the number of document that the ANSES.

“They wont be able process shifts for the operations in pesos by window, since they will be enabled only for the payment to the beneficiaries of pension assets and pensions, according to the schedule established by the ANSES“, informs the official page of the Bank province.

On the other hand, from the banking entities it is clarified that, in this context of quarantine to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the beneficiaries of benefits, plans or programs of help Social with accreditation in bill bank, “must fully charge the assignments in the ATMs automatic

The shifts on-line are generally awarded by all the system bankingboth in entities public how private, for the physical attention in branch offices.

To attend to carry out certain procedures at the Banco Provincia branches, you must first request an online shift

Province Bank shifts: how to obtain them

From Banco Provincia they indicate to iProfessional that to get a turn of Attention in the branch offices of the entity with central house in good ones Aires, the user must enter the website of the Bapro. There appears a banner (a poster) in full screen that says: “Shifts for branch service. Click here to request yours. “

From this state firm Buenosairean they limit that to facilitate people to find this option they have also replicated this banner within other sections of the site of Internet of the Province, as in the sections of People and Business.

In addition, “it is among the options of ´Access Direct´ to the information in each of them. Ultimately, the option to request shift is presented to user as soon as you enter the page, clearly and visibly, “the spokesmen for the Bapro to iProfessional.

And they add that if, instead, the client does not have Connection to Internet and you want to get your turn telephone, you can do it by calling Center Contacts Telephone (CCT) of the Bank Province, at 0810-222-2776.

In both cases it can only be managed for three services: Attention commercial, Province Microcredits and operations in Dollars by box.

In detail, from the Buenosairean entity they deepen that as for the Attention commercial “there is no limitations in relation to the usual operations “offered by the Province. In other words, “all the products which markets the Bank

In the Province Bank you can get turns to carry out only three types of procedures

In the Province Bank you can get turns to carry out only three types of procedures

On the side of the average delay that the shifts granted, from the Bapro they responded to iProfessional that “depends on each branch office, but in general the demand it was decreasing with the passing of days “since it was implemented.

In this regard, they detail that shifts are every 30 minutes. The first is at 10 AM and the last at 14:30. As an example, to know the impact of this measure in numbers, in the latest three journeys of April they were attended in all the branches of the Bank province, on average, 10,200 daily shifts.

Start to take a turn at Banco Provincia

From the Bank provincial clarify that shifts to be attended at windows of the branch offices both are awarded to customers as to non-customers.

To get a turn it is only necessary to enter the CUIT, CUIL or the DNI at the bottom of the section punctual of the Web of the Bapro and you must select for which type of three procedures enabled the branch will be attended.

At the bottom of the specific section of the Banco Provincia website you can ask for a turn to be attended at a branch

At the bottom of a specific section of the Banco Provincia website, you can ask for a turn to be attended at a branch.

“Once he client is in the branch office, the turn is used to perform more than one Procedure“found in the list allowed by the Bank Central, clarify from the Bank Province to this medium.

What happens if the client requests a shift and does not attend? From the entity of the Buenos Aires province clarify that if the client does not attend turn stipulated “there is no penalties, you just have to get a new one. ”

While, if the interested party has already obtained a turn and you want to change it, you must first unsubscribe the one you have in force. This option will be presented automatically when you want to obtain a new date, because you must first enter your document and the system will alert that it already had a scheduled meeting previously.

Step by step to get a turn at Banco Provincia

Regarding the Steps that must be done to request a shift of physical attention in a branch, once entered in the specific site of the Bank Province mentioned above, the following must be completed Steps to access a turn:

oneEnterokay The number of CUIT / CUIL / DNI.
2To select the kind of Procedure what do you want to do (Attention commercial, Province Microcredits and operations in Dollars by box).
3-Choose the branch office to which you want to attend.
4-Enter the email where you prefer to receive the notification of the turn and its number mobile.
5-Finally, it is requested to select the day and the schedule of Attention.

It is reported that at the end of the load of data, will be received at mail electronic declared the confirmation of the turn.

To do this, to download and to print this voucher, O well to show the mail received from the cell phone when attending the branch office chosen. This will also serve to circular by Street the day and hour of the turn.

Also, from the Bank Province remember another one of the requirements to Enterokay to branch office of the Buenosairean entity the day assigned to attend and to be able to carry out the authorized procedures, that a face mask must be used.-

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