The Pentagon released UFO videos and on Cerro Uritorco they warn: “They have more things”


This Monday, the Pentagon published three videos filmed by United States Navy pilots showing unidentified flying objects, i.e. UFOs. One of the footage is from November 2004, and the other two from January 2015, which had been circulating on the Internet for some time, but which have now been confirmed by the US Defense Ministry.

In Capilla del Monte, Cordova, thousands of tourists come every year to the city located at the foot of the Cerro Uritorco to try to make sightings of this type of objects. Hugo Bronn He was born and raised in Villa Domínico, but he has lived there for 20 years, where founded the Uritorco Research Group (GIU).

Asked about the Pentagon revelations, Bronn was blunt. “To those of us on the subject, this is nothing new. What the Pentagon showed is the evidence they claim to have, but they have more. “he assured.

We know that we are not alone in the universe. I don’t have to wait for NASA to tell me they exist. We already know, there is evidence. I have photos and filming of objects in Chapel. They are analyzed tests. It is not a bug, nor a bird, “he said, adding:” I have had episodes of the UFO phenomenon when I was a kid. I have lived it and that is why I investigate it. I am not interested in the nonsense that circulates around this topic. “

Regarding the US revelation, the specialist also asked himself several questions: “Where do they come from and where do they come from? We don’t know. This is not new. The topic is why NASA just long that. How strange that now they make it known, in the midst of a very particular world situation. I allow myself to digress and ask that these days there is talk of a new world regime, who says that tomorrow may happen? “

Regarding Capilla del Monte, he considered that the people who visit the place “find everything”. “It is an energy center. There is ionization in the air. Why do these sightings occur in Capilla del Monte? That’s a mystery “he finished.


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