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Form 572 web is a service that allows the worker to report data on the concepts that he intends to deduct in the retention regime

Form 572 web is a service that allows the worker to report data on the concepts that he intends to deduct in the income tax withholding regime, the perceptions that they would have practiced, as well as reporting other income obtained in the event of multiple employment.

For the presentation of said form it is accessed from the AFIP website by entering the service “Registration and Updating System of Income Tax Deductions (SiRADIG) – WORKER”.

From the Accountant’s Blog they point out the keys to this system:

Who should present SIRADIG?

This year’s presentation expires exceptionally this Thursday, April 30 and corresponds to:

– Those who have income from national, provincial, municipal and Autonomous City of Buenos Aires public offices, without exception, including the elective positions of the Executive and Legislative Powers. In the case of the Magistrates, Officials and Employees of the Judicial Power of the Nation and of the provinces and of the Public Ministry of the Nation, when their appointment would have occurred from the year 2017, inclusive.

– Employees in a dependency relationship.

– Retirees, pensioners, who have withdrawals or subsidies of any kind as soon as they are for their personal work and as long as they have been subject to the payment of the tax. Also included are those who have income from private retirement insurance plans that are received under the provisional annuity modality and are administered by entities subject to the control of the National Insurance Superintendence.

– The members of work cooperatives, except the directors.

– The remuneration received by the actors through the Argentine Association of Actors.

It is important to highlight that to deduct or report deductions from Earnings- F.572 Web- that is carried out annually through the service “System of Registration and Update of Deductions of Income Tax (SiRADIG) – Worker”, it will have to be carried out even when in the fiscal period no income is obtained, deductions and / or new family charges.

What data should be loaded into SIRADIG?

In the mentioned SiRADIG service, the worker must complete:

– Your personal information,

– Information regarding the employer or employers that you had during the tax period that you are declaring, indicating which of them is your withholding agent,

– Detail of the Family Charges,

– Amount of earnings settled by other employers (in the case of multiple jobs),

– Deductions and deductions,

– Other withholdings, perceptions and payments on account.

– Information regarding the employer

In accordance with the provisions of Article 3 of General Resolution 4003, the person who pays the highest amount of remuneration must act as a withholding agent.

Regarding employers that do not act as Withholding Agents, the worker must enter the amounts of remuneration and deductions that arise from the receipt of assets issued by said employers.

Family charges

As for family charges, from the fiscal period 2017, according to the modifications introduced by Law 27346 and General Resolution 4003 of AFIP, only the following may be deducted:

– Spouse

– Son, daughter, stepson or stepdaughter under 18 years of age or incapacitated for work.

Said deductions will be computable as long as the following conditions are met together for each family load:

– They are in charge of the worker,

– Are residents in the country,

– Do not obtain annual income above the minimum non-taxable amount.

Regarding deductions, in addition to those that appear on the worker’s salary receipt (retirement, social work, union contributions) may be reported:

– Medical – healthcare fees

You must record the amounts actually paid in installments or payments to institutions that provide health care coverage (Prepaid Medicine or complementary contributions to social works), corresponding to the employee and to the persons who have the character of family burdens for him, informed on the screen “Detail of Family Burdens”.

The amount to be deducted for such items may not exceed 5% of the net profit.

Insurance premiums in the event of death

Insurance may be deducted that covers risks of death of the employee.

In the case of mixed insurance, except for cases of private retirement insurance administered by entities subject to the control of the Superintendency of Insurance, only the part of the premium that covers the risk of death will be deductible.

Said deduction will only be practiced until the maximum that is in force for each year is reached.


Donations made to national, provincial and municipal treasuries, religious institutions, associations, foundations and civil entities may be deducted, as long as they are recognized by the AFIP as exempt from income tax.

The amount to be deducted for said concepts may not exceed 5% of net profit.

Interest on Mortgage Loans

The amount of the interest corresponding to mortgage credits granted by the purchase or construction of real estate destined to house-room may be deducted.

Up to $ 20,000 per year may be deducted.

Burial Expenses

These are the burial expenses incurred in the country caused by the death of the employee or the persons in charge, reported on the “Detail of Family Charges” screen.

Up to $ 996.23 per year may be deducted.

Medical and paramedical expenses

Includes the invoiced fees corresponding to the employee and to the persons indicated as Family Charges.

A deduction of 40% of the invoiced amount is allowed.

Deduction of Private House Staff

People who complete the provisions of Law 26,844 and General Resolution 3491 of the AFIP in their capacity as “employer” in relation to the staff of Private Houses, may deduct the remuneration paid to it as well as the employer contributions paid, which are They are included in the monthly fixed price.

The deductible annual amount may not exceed the amount of the annual non-taxable profit.

Contributions to Mutual Guarantee Societies Contributions Made by the Protective Partners of Reciprocal Guarantee Societies

The CUIT of the Reciprocal Guarantee Society and the contributions made during the calendar year being declared must be reported.

Reimbursement of Contributions from Protective Partners to Mutual Guarantee Societies: The CUIT of the Reciprocal Guarantee Society and the contributions made during the calendar year being declared must be reported.

Trade brokers and travelers

In the case of owning a vehicle affected by the activity, the data related to it must be reported even if the vehicle is fully amortized.

Said information will serve to admit the origin of the expenses related to the automotive.

Once 5 years have elapsed from the date of its affectation, the entry of any value in the field “Total Amortization Amortization of the Period” will not be allowed.

Mobility expenses, per diem and other similar compensation paid by the employer

They may be deducted from the amounts set by the Collective Labor Agreement corresponding to the activity in question or -if not stipulated by agreement- those effectively settled in accordance with the receipt or proof that the employee provides for such purposes, up to a maximum of 40% of the non-taxable profit.

Short-distance trips: up to 40% of the non-taxable minimum will be deductible.

Long-distance travel: up to 100% of the non-taxable minimum will be deductible.


For cases of real estate rentals destined to your home, and up to the limit of the amount provided in subsection a) of article 23 of the income tax law, as long as the citizen or the deceased is not the owner of no property, whatever the proportion.

The deduction allowed will be equivalent to up to 40% of the rent paid monthly, as long as that amount does not exceed the non-taxable minimum.

Expenses incurred for the acquisition of clothing and / or equipment for exclusive use in the workplace

The deduction applies when these expenses are mandatory and that, having to be provided by the employer, had been acquired by the employee by virtue of the customs and customs of the activity in question, and whose costs were not reimbursed.

Contributions corresponding to private retirement insurance plans administered by entities subject to the control of the National Insurance Superintendence
The deduction will only be practiced until the limit that applies for each period is reached.

Withholdings, perceptions and payments on account

Taxes on Credits and Debits in Bank Account

You can report as payment on account:

– 33% of the tax received at the rate of 6% º -six per thousand- originated in the accreditations made in the bank account.

– 33% of the tax entered or received reached by the rate of 12% º -two per thousand-.

Adjustments for retroactive amounts

In this item it corresponds to load the amount of the salary adjustments of previous years paid by another employer and collected during the period being declared.

Reciprocal guarantee company adjustments

If applicable, in this section the CUIT of the company and the contributions made during the calendar year being declared must be reported.

This information can be loaded into the system from the settings tab and also from the “deductions and deductions” tab.

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