The video of the Prefecture’s persecution of a Chinese vessel that fished without permission


After several hours of persecution by a Coast Guard from the naval Prefecture in the midst of a storm, a Chinese boat that was fishing illegally in the Argentine Sea escaped.

The operation began on the morning of this Tuesday, when the Prefecture sighted the Chinese fishing vessel in full activity, about 390 kilometers offshore from the city of Puerto Madryn. The deterrence protocol was immediately activated to stop the activity and could be inspected.

However, the Prefecture reported that “repeated radiofrequency calls were made first (in Spanish and English) and were made sound and visual signals to make contact with the captain “. However, the ship turned off its fishing lights and began its navigation towards international waters, so its pursuit began.

The Prefecture sighted the Chinese ship about 390 kilometers offshore from the city of Puerto Madryn. (Photo: Prefecture).

As support for the operation of the coast guard Fique, the patrol patrol aircraft of the Prefecture was added, which flew towards the area. The Coast Guard continued to navigate without losing sight of the fishing vessel, which did not respond to radio calls.

In a statement the Prefecture detailed: “After several hours of operation, and in the midst of a very strong storm of wind and waves, having obtained all the supporting and technical tests to determine the position and identification of the ship, it was decided to terminate the operation, in order to protect the lives of the crews of both vessels

As a consequence of this episode began administrative and judicial summary for alleged violation of the Federal Fishing Regime, Law 24,922 and for resistance to authority within the Argentine Exclusive Economic Zone.

The chase of the Chinese ship lasted several hours and he escaped. (Photo: Prefecture).
The chase of the Chinese ship lasted several hours and he escaped. (Photo: Prefecture).

For its part, the Ministry of Agriculture reported that reinforced the patrol of the Argentine Sea to prevent illegal fishing of foreign vessels in the Argentine Exclusive Economic Zone before reports of such crimes.

And it also ordered the “immediate intervention of the National Directorate for Fisheries Coordination and Inspection (Dncyfp), in a joint action with the Argentine Naval Prefecture, with the aim of reinforcing control and patrolling in the Argentine Sea.”

The businessmen nucleated in the organization Inter-Chambers of the Argentine Fishing Industry had already denounced the presence of foreign vessels that fish illegally in the national Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and They asked the national government for “greater and permanent control” in the area.

The entity reported, through a note sent to President Alberto Fernández, it exposed “the serious situation that occurred during the last weekend”, when Argentine fishing boats “detected a hundred foreign” vessels that operated in a manner illegal in the Exclusive Economic Zone.


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