One by one, the 30 local projects to innovate against the Covid-19


The Córdoba Innovar y Emprender Agency released the list of initiatives that were finally included in the special edition Covid-19 of the Program to Promote Entrepreneurship and Projects, whose objective is to accelerate the development of innovative solutions for current and future challenges that emerge of the pandemic.

260 initiatives participated in the call for applications and the selection process was led by the Agency’s technical team, while the definition was left to an external jury, made up of specialists in different topics such as Gabriel Raya Tonetti, Luis Bermejo, Walter Abrigo, Gerardo Marchesini and Francisco Tamarit.

“Each of the 30 solutions chosen adds value to some aspect or process that will need to be addressed today or in the near future post-pandemic,” the agency said.

Throughout the process, there are also partner organizations, such as incubators, accelerators, and entities that bring together and promote entrepreneurs.

Sectors include technology-mediated education, telecommuting and technology solutions for businesses, medical and / or telemedicine supplies, and provision of basic services.

As follows

With the ultimate goal of getting startups funds for scalability, the program envisages that each project be accompanied by a group of expert mentors and consultants. The list can be consulted here.

It will also have a tutor, who will guide you in the development and understanding of the program.

For six weeks, agile and customer development-based methodologies will be applied to validate if the model is scalable and repeatable.

One by one

Ignis. It is a comprehensive tool that supports academic training through a software Mathematical, a virtual platform and STEM content.

U-farm University. Virtual content and training, evaluation and certification of competencies, based on simulators and virtual reality.

Wibond-Clicoh. It aims to resolve cash payments and collections without the need to attend a financial establishment.

BillMobile. Is a app that assists monotributistas.

China, a challenge for small pig producers in Córdoba. An application to know the location of small pig producers and connect them.

Growin Consulting. Bidding platform for companies, chambers and organizations.

Bienco. Well-being and health for teleworkers.

Sellers. Collaborative sales platform that connects businesses with commission resellers, to outsource the sales area.

GenGanar. Promotion of Argentine bovine genetics and marketing through the media on line.

Teilú. Distribution and premiere website for movies and series accessible to blind and deaf people.

Musure (Music Culture). Producer of cultural and tourist events seeks to share virtual historical and cultural places.

Avedian. Artificial intelligence technology to improve responsiveness and clinical results economically.

DrCall. Post-consultation and telemedical solution that seeks to communicate patients with their doctors.

Cohabitation. Continuous mandatory mechanical ventilation device with positive pressure per bellows. Suitable to be transported, with a backup power system that provides autonomy.

Emergency ventilation. Low cost emergency fan.

Hidrogly. Non-invasive solution for real-time monitoring of the physiological status of peripheral tissue perfusion in patients with Covid-19.

Automation Manual Respirator (Ambu). Equipment capable of automating manual respirators.

Blow2Bit. Mobile device for detecting respiratory distress, works by means of a software and a hardware.

bigVita. Medical telemetry system that collects patient data through sensors and communicates them to a web platform.

Digital platform for self-assessment and monitoring Covid-19. For early detection, diagnosis, monitoring and care of people infected with coronavirus.

Life SI. 3D bioprinted human tissue platform for rapid testing of new drug therapies.

Sanirobots. Autonomous mobile robots for disinfection of vulnerable environments and robots for indirect treatment or telemedicine for health systems.

Córdoba Sanitary Supplies Management System. Georeferenced platform of health resources. Tools of software for diagnostic imaging and telemedicine.

Covid-Cell. It allows to identify, map and follow up on people who had direct or indirect contact with Covid-19 carriers.

iTraffic. It comprises a series of technologies visual computing, internet of things, communications and artificial intelligence applied to know traffic information.

Hi-Home. Home merchandise sanitizer, with ultraviolet light for domestic use, to sanitize products that come from abroad to the home.

Sol.Ar SRL. Backup energy storage. Lithium battery factory in Córdoba.

UV-40 technological solutions. A device that uses UVC radiation to safely sterilize products purchased from retail stores on-site.

Cittyo. Smart access control system that replaces keys, magnetic cards and biometric systems with one app in smartphones.


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