ITAÚ launches its attention CHANNEL by WHATSAPP


Through this new service channel, you can consult product information such as balances, movements, expiration dates, latest consumption, among others.

The service is already working “Itaú on WhatsApp”, a channel that allows customers to make inquiries about their products such as balances, movements, expirations, latest consumption, as well as obtain the summaries of their cards in the same conversation.

Through this new service channel, you can also access a list of frequently asked questions, which are answered through tutorials or videos in a very accessible way for customers.

How does it work:

– By writing “hello” to 11-2602-8000, if the bank has the customer’s phone number registered, you can start consulting automatically.

– If the number is not registered, the client will have to answer some questions to validate his identity once.

What can be consulted by this new channel:

– Accounts: balance inquiries, movements, CBU and account summary.

– Cards: available limits, last consumptions, expirations, payments made and summaries.

– Real-time quotation of the currencies with which the bank operates.

– Loans: simulator of products and amount and maturity date of the installments.

– Request of turns to visit branches.

– Frequently asked questions that include security tips, benefits, contact telephone numbers, digital channel subscription tutorials, information on investments and insurance, information about the points program, list of branches.

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