“Here the focus of infection began”: they work in hospitals without insurance, protocols, or protection against coronavirus


Doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers and other personnel who work in the country’s hospitals face the coronavirus pandemic day after day without security protocols, protective equipment and even without social security.

The Tacubaya Pediatric Hospital reported the start of a series of COVID-19 infections, due to the lack of supplies and protection measures. Héctor Gómez, a laundry worker of said hospital, located in the mayoralty of Miguel Hidalgo, in the CDMX, commented for the news Televisa that there are no safety protocols, nor have they been trained to prevent the spread, after being in contact with contaminated patient clothing.

“This is the area where we work, the laundry area. Here, the focus of infection began. We know that a colleague who brought an infection, we found out days later and later some elderly companions began to have health problems, ”added Héctor Gómez Pineda.

At the clinic they already have at least 20 employees who tested positive for COVID-19 and three deceased. According to the first reports, the source of contagion was registered from the first days of the current month in the laundry area.

The worker in that area, Alfonso Luna Aguilar, died April 15 for coronavirus. Her brother Rubén Luna Aguilar, who also worked at the hospital, passed away on the 20th of the same month, and Alfonso’s daughter and son-in-law, who work at the Pediatric Hospital, were positive and on April 22, Carlos Secundino, a worker, died. from the general services area.

According to the newspaper Reform, the Iztapalapa Pediatric Hospital, the mayor’s office with the highest focus of infection to date, has attended patients with symptoms of COVID-19, since the end of March and without adequate measures.

“Last Saturday, at the stroke of twelve o’clock, a 21-year-old hypertrophic patient arrived, with a basic program called PCI, a neuromuscular disorder, she arrived dead, as a corpse,” shared a local doctor.

“The moment we check it, we detect that it is boiling, that it is very hot. So, I said to the area manager ‘This girl is boiling.’ We asked granny since when she had a fever and she said that since Wednesday she said ‘yes, but everyone in the house has a fever and a cough,’ ”he added.

Almost two months after the outbreak of the virus began here in the country, medical personnel continue to protest in various parts of the city, since they have to put out of their pocket to buy what is necessary and essential in their work, so as not to get infected.

Even videos from the same health workers have revealed the situation they have to face day by day. At the beginning of April, employees at the Regional General Hospital (HGR) number 72 of the IMSS in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, they called to close the hospital, since they did not even have gel to disinfect their hands constantly.

Another case in the Edomex, is the La Perla General Hospital, located in the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl, where a group of doctors and nurses recorded a clip to demand that the health authorities bring adequate supplies to work, since the place has several cases of COVID-19.

But the lack of supplies is not the only thing that puts them in danger in the midst of this situation, but also that they work without social security.

The La Perla Hospital is the living example of this, because according to the newspaper The financial, medical personnel revealed that in the place there are at least 100 people who lack social protection, but in all the hospitals of the Institute of Health of the State of Mexico there is that problem.

The most affected employees are those who work under contract or as substitutes, since they are those who work without any protection.

“Before, at least, Seguro Popular was an option, but now they have neither one nor the other. On the other hand, in the IMSS the substitute doctors are under the heading of 08, who do have social security from the IMSS, ”declared a doctor.


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