He broke the quarantine to go hunting in Santiago del Estero: he killed a cougar and his two young


An aberrant fact occurred in the last hours in Santiago del Estero. A hunter broke quarantine and shot a cougar and its two young, took a photo of them and shared it through WhatsApp and social networks.

According to local media, the author of the massacre is a neighbor of the town of Villa Mailín, a rural area in the Avellaneda department of the aforementioned province.

In the image that came to TN and The People you can see the three bodies of the animals. The hunter, who was disowned, would have been identified by the neighbors who denounced to the fauna authorities of the province.

This photograph is very far from the images that reached the citizen journalism portal where, in the absence of inhabitants, the animals won the streets in different parts of the country.

This is how families from ducks in Córdoba, a deer in La Matanza, foxes playing in the garden of a neighbor’s house in Ushuaia until cows strolling through the streets of La Rioja.


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