During the quarantine, Bancor recorded withdrawals of $ 270 million through stores


So far in the quarantine, Banco de Córdoba (Bancor) clients made withdrawals of 270 million pesos through retail stores.

The service is called eFTé and allows users to withdraw money from their accounts in businesses that serve a Cordobesa debit card, which was also joined by 15 municipalities and communes in the province.

According to what Bancor reported today, between March 20 and April 27, 67,574 cash withdrawals were made for 270,744,773 pesos in supermarkets, pharmacies and collection centers for attached services.

During April, 2,565 cash withdrawal operations were carried out with eFTé for 9,272,024 pesos in these locations.

“More and more people from Córdoba are choosing this modality, at no additional cost and with an extraction limit of 8,000 pesos, which complements the service of Bancor’s 716 ATMs, the largest network in the entire province,” said Bancor in a statement.

The list of participating businesses, municipalities and communes throughout the province can be found on the Bancor website www.bancor.com.ar, in the Promotions section.


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