Coronavirus in Argentina | The Ministry of Education analyzes the return to classes by region


The lessons They have been suspended since March 16, shortly after the President Alberto Fernández order the quarantine for coronavirus. There is no certainty when they will return, and Education Minister Nicolás Trotta said it will not be any time soon. Although he anticipated that the return could be by regions.

He indicated that there will be many challenges to face, such as maintaining the social distance, changes in the entry to establishments and breaks. Since they are the moments in which there is a greater agglomeration of people.

He explained that the return to the classrooms will depend on the epidemiological evolution of COVID-19, which defines the progressive flexibility of activities. “It may be possible in some region, but not in the coming weeks,” he said.

He said that until the activity is resumed in person the students must prepare at home, remotely, and that teachers must strengthen ties with students, in dialogue with AM 750.

He advanced that the return to classes “It will not be the same” than before quarantine, as there will be changes to prevent potential COVID-19 infections. “Social distancing should be maintained, the accumulation of income should be avoided and recesses should be reorganized,” he explained.

He said that they should work on a return to classes “that brings tranquility to the educational community, so that there are no fears. ” “The situation changes from day to day, and the certainty we have is that we must prioritize health and life care,” he said.


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