Coronavirus: He is from Cordoba, traveled to see the Falklands and was stranded on a cruise ship in which five people died


After being stranded for almost 50 days on a cruise ship, the Cordovan journalist Dante Leguizamón finally returned to the country. The communicator returned on a flight from Miami that arrived this Wednesday night.

Leguizamón went on Sunday, March 8, to a cruise ship, invited by a musician friend and employee of the ship. His idea was to stay 11 days above Zaandam, visit the Falkland Islands and return to Buenos Aires where he would chronicle his trip. But once quarantine is declared, the ports began to close and a journey of almost two months began for different parts of America.

First was Chile, then Panama, Miami and in the last days near the Bahamas, the latter destination already on the Rotterdam cruise ship where he was transferred along with other Argentines.

In Zaandam, five people died from COVID-19. The bodies were grouped in the infirmary, above Leguizamón’s cabin, as he himself told the press in statements.

The communicator is already on a flight from Miami that will arrive in the early hours of Thursday at Ezeiza airport. (Photo: Twitter)

The news of his return was confirmed by his lawyer. Claudio Orosz, who in dialogue with assured that “It was a team effort” achieving his return.

“The Federal Chamber of Córdoba did a very proactive job. The Foreign Ministry, the Directorate of Migrations and the National Government, too,” he commented. “This shipping company is a huge octopus, concentrated in a group called Carnival. It gave the impression that they felt more powerful than the countries. Migrations showed that he left Argentina as a passenger. From there the pressure of the Foreign Ministry became unbearable for the shipping company and the return of Dante was confirmed along with 10 more Argentines, “he added.

The lawyer reported that they returned in a plane chartered by the Foreign Ministry, which returned completely from Miami.


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