At what AGE do we consider ourselves OLD?


Among the concerns that people have as they age, being able to take care of themselves and being seen as “old,” are at the forefront.

Although life expectancy increases more and more, from the age of 57 we are officially old. This is what a survey of 2,000 Americans says, which analyzes the respondents’ own perception, in addition to the concerns they have as they age.

The report, commissioned by LetsGetChecked and conducted by OnePoll, revealed that the overall health of the respondents was their main concern.

Respondents’ concerns included not being able to take care of themselves (34 percent), being seen as “old” (33 percent), and being financially secure (33 percent) as they age.

Furthermore, 45 percent of respondents admitted that they are not actively saving money for retirement. Of those that do, the average is saving 19 percent of their monthly income.

64 percent of respondents say they feel well-informed about when they should start testing for different health problems, and the survey tested it.

On average, respondents believed that breast cancer screening should start at age 36 (compared to the 40 recommended by the American Cancer Society). And, on average, they believed that people should be screened for colon cancer at age 40 (compared to the 45 recommended by the SCA).

“While the survey shows that many people know when to get tested, there are still a large number of people who don’t get tested as often as they should,” said Dr. Robert Mordkin, medical director of LetsGetChecked, a company home health testing.

Top concerns as you get older

General health: 39 percent

Wrinkles: 36 percent

Weight gain: 36 percent

Gray hair: 35 percent

Hair loss: 34 percent

Not fending for yourself: 34 percent

Age spots: 34 percent

Being seen as “old”: 33 percent

Financial security: 33 percent

Losing independence: 19 percent

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