Zaira Nara’s former image adviser said she “is treacherous and miserable”


Stranded in Chile, Luciano Di Trento, decided to use his social networks to escrachar the model. “He’s turning his back on me. I’m just asking for a little help.”

Stranded in Chile, Zaira Nara’s former image adviser, Luciano Di Trento, decided to use his social networks to scrutinize the model, whom he accused of being “treacherous and miserable” after asking her, with no luck, to help him promote a venture.

“I want to tell you about the abandonment and contempt that I am feeling on the part of a person from the environment whom I helped a lot. I changed her image, I approached her with many brands that continue to work with her thanks to my contacts, my work and my time, but despite this, today he is turning his back on me, “says Di Trento in a video broadcast on Twitter.

“I am suffering a very difficult moment, like many Argentines. I am stranded in Chile and this person is turning his back on me. I only ask for a little help. I feel very disappointed and very hurt, I want to expose him and tell the truth,” he adds. before saying the full name of Morfi’s former driver.

Di Trento later turned to his Instagram stories to tell a bit more. “I came to Chile to open a company, I’m fine here, I don’t want to go back,” he clarified, explaining that he was not looking for Nara to give him money, but instead asked him to post on his networks to promote online courses that are toasting.

“I helped her a lot, I gave her face many times for the subject of the garments. There is a mark that made me the cross for signing the exchanges in her name.”

“I would like the mine to be unmasked a bit when it works and when it discards a person. It seems to me that in life you don’t have to handle yourself that way, if you work with someone for so long you can give them a hand” , he pointed.

“One may not speak before because of fear and so on, but when you get bigger you understand the medium more and start to expose things that are good for people to know, because they are sold in a way that they are not.”

Di Trento says that he is not afraid to go to court to clarify things. “The lawyer is already here. I have talks, tests, photos and all my acquaintances know that I work with her. As a help I asked her for a post and I received her back. It is not just Zaira, there is another person who is also behaving like this. You do not turn your back on the people who helped you, that is my philosophy of life, but it seems that hers does not. “

In dialogue with Crónica TV, the image consultant told a little more about the work dynamics he had with the model and host.

“She kept clothes that she did not want to return and when she did, she would deliver the clothes when she wanted. I had to pay out of pocket for clothes that she gave me in poor condition, I did not want to make the posts, she paid me per diem but I had to be asking her for a lots, “said Di Trento.

“She and her mother used my apartment as a deposit, they came with bags full of clothes and she criticized if she gave her colleagues work. She is a treacherous, miserable woman. Today I ask her for help and she turns her back on me.”

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