They ask insurance companies to lower the cost of auto coverage


The project presented by Carolina Moisés is based on the notable drop in vehicular circulation – and the number of claims – due to social isolation

The national deputy of the Front of All for Jujuy, Carolina Moisés, presented a project in which she proposes that the insurance companies carry out an automatic discount in the cost of the compulsory motor insurance coverage, based on the registered decrease in the number of accidents transit as a consequence of social, preventive and compulsory isolation due to the coronavirus.

Moisés requested that the National Executive Power, through the Superintendency of Insurance of the Nation (SSN), determine “the different scales of reimbursements and prescribe that they must be carried out automatically, without the need of any requirement from the insured client “

Vehicle traffic has been drastically limited due to the obligation of confinement imposed by quarantine, and there has also been a sharp decrease in vehicle accidents “

For this reason, according to the deputy, “the secondary benefit that this entails for insurance companies, which have seen the risk of their policyholders, and consequently their liability in the event of accidents, is evident.”

According to Moisés, “the change of context originated in a government measure cannot translate into a unilateral benefit for insurance companies, so the enforcement authority must have proportional discounts on the amounts of insurance premiums.”

According to journalistic publications, faced with the express requirement of their clients “some insurance companies are making discounts of between 30% to 50%, but in these cases it is commercial promotions promoted by some companies, and not by an imperative measure of the Superintendency of Insurance, “said Moisés.

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