The message of a teacher who angered the “mommies” of a school in Lomas de Zamora


It all started with an endless list of messages on Facebook, through which the mothers of third grade students at a school in Lomas de Zamora asked their teacher questions about a math task. The teacher replied, but he did it with a controversial video that angered women.

In the midst of the mandatory quarantine for the coronavirus, the virtual classes assumed a key role for the distance training of the boys and they posed a new challenge for education. In this context, it was that the “lady”, Daniela Catelli, published her answer also through the social network.

But after highlighting in a sarcastic tone how much she missed her students and “refreshing their memory” with an exercise similar to the one she had sent them as homework, the visibly upset woman asked the camera: “Did you understand? Good, now call her mom. Go, go do the homework that I continue with mommy. ”

Then came the message that was broadcast by The Austral Opinion and caused immediate repudiation among the mothers of the school. “I already explained to them. Boys are a light. They understand very quickly, “said the teacher, and finished:” If you want me to send you another video, ask your husband that I already sent him many ”.

The release of the teacher in the networks. (Photo: courtesy of La Opinión Austral).

Thus, what purported to be a kind of “humor” of the teacher had such an impact that the parents organized and sent a chain of emails to school authorities exposing the situation and she had to go out to apologize.

“That’s how I am. I am Daniella Catelli, teacher. I like to say ‘teacher’ more. I feel like I was born for this, ” He wrote as a release on his Facebook wall, adding: “Throughout my career, I have received millions of kisses and hugs, from ‘I love you’, thank you, from ‘I’m going to miss you’, from birthday surprises, gifts and calls from students to whom I gave their medals when they graduated from high school ”.

“I like to make people laugh, not anger.” (Photo: courtesy of La Opinión Austral).

So, she talked about her intimacy, she said that she is the mother of four boys and that she lives alone with them, and later she revealed: “Also, I am an actress. Another thing I love to do and I would not change for anything.” As he explained in his text, his intention had been to make people laugh, “even for a little while, don’t think about the sad reality that runs through us. “

“A few days ago I uploaded a video that had many likes, many shared and beautiful comments,” he reviewed, referring to the alleged message addressed to mothers. “The same video offended and angered others. For this reason, I decided to eliminate it ”, he clarified before affirming:” Humor is that: parody some real event. I asked for forgiveness and I do it again because I like to make people laugh and not get angry. But know that that’s how I am. Woman who laughs at herself and that thanks to art, humor and laughter I can say I AM ALIVE! “.


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