the demand for thermal cameras grows in Argentina


The concern of factories and institutions to have tools to control the public body temperature multiplied,

With the relaxation of insulation for some activities, the concern of factories and institutions to have tools to control the body temperature of the public is multiplied, to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“In recent times, government agencies, airports, hospitals, private companies and even people are constantly looking for solutions to incorporate body measurement and temperature without contact,” explains to Télam Macson Guedes, Director General and Sales for FLIR, a firm that markets cameras. thermographic for temperature detection throughout Latin America.

In the firm they explain that companies are looking for solutions to keep their customers and employees more protected, but they warn that some products that do not have the minimum standards or are not certified by regulatory bodies for use in humans.

But not only private firms care about their public and use mechanisms to detect the symptoms of the coronavirus. Last week at the Hospital General Zonal de Agudos Dr. Lucio Meléndez became the first health institution to incorporate thermal cameras. The technology was located in the main access to allow early detection of people entering the institution with high temperatures.

Almirante Brown Hospital, located in the southern zone of Greater Buenos Aires, became the first health institution to incorporate thermal cameras for preliminary detection of body temperature. the technology developed by Dahua Technology, provided by Big Dipper and installed by the computer technology company C-Team Global in access to the health center, a critical and strategic area through which the maternity, obstetrics, neonatology guard communicate , pediatrics and pediatric intensive care room.

The initiative took place within the framework of the ‘Common Cause Brown’ program, which articulates a solidarity space in which NGOs, professionals, businessmen, merchants, SMEs, universities, institutions, neighbors and students intervene to tackle the pandemic. The camera is installed in the access to the guard, detects the temperature of those who enter and issues an alert if there is a case that exceeds 37ºC, so that hospital staff can take appropriate preventive action upon receiving the notice.


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