Notre Dame: workers resume the reconstruction works of the Parisian cathedral


The architects and team managers of the companies working on the reconstruction of the cathedral of Notre dame They returned to their base of operations today to prepare for the definitive return to work, after the hiatus forced by measures to mitigate the spread of the pandemic.

Construction workers returned to the burned-out Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral to resume the gigantic task of reconstruction, after the coronavirus outbreak forced to stop it for a month and a half, according to the Spanish newspaper ABC.

On April 15 of last year, a fire razed part of 850-year-old building located on the banks of the river Seine. The flames destroyed the needle and the roof, which were reached within 30 minutes of the fire.

After the tragic Notre Dame fire, the reconstruction work has suffered successive setbacks, first as a result of the risks of pollution and then as a result of the national confinement, which was established in France since March 17 last.

Pending the evolution of the crisis, the teams led by the general Jean-Louis Georgelin, President of the public entity responsible for the colossal works of the reconstruction of Notre Dame, were the first to return to the cathedral.

The same day of the fire, the French President Emmanuel Macron announced that Notre Dame would be rebuilt within five years. In his day, General Jean-Louis Georgelin declared ABC: “The resurrection of Notre Dame will be celebrated in 2024, with a great Te Deum”.


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