Dycsa plans a complex with 155 apartments in Villa Allende


Private construction is one of the activities paralyzed by quarantine. But that does not mean that the development companies do not continue to think and design projects that they will resume or begin to execute as soon as the compulsory isolation ends and the market reactivates.

This is the case of Dycsa, who was planning to present a large master plan for this date in Villa Allende, in the Golf Club area.

“In a land of our property of one hectare, next to Casonas del Golf, the Municipality of Villa Allende has already approved the project to build two towers that will have 155 apartments with one and two bedrooms, in addition to 200 garages,” he told La Voice of the president of the firm, Valentín Jáuregui.

The towers will have eight floors but they will not necessarily be all in height, because the land where they will be built has unevenness and some floors will be below the level defined as the ground floor.

According to Jáuregui, at least in the short term it will be the only undertaking of these characteristics, because Villa Allende recently reformed the ordinance that governs the construction of private works and implemented greater restrictions for high-rise buildings.

This project, however, was approved before the modifications were established. “There was a very good predisposition to work with the municipality. We had an arduous technical debate but we were able to reach an agreement. And it is worth clarifying that the construction respects the provincial regulations for the protection of heritage, “said the head of Dycsa.

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The complex already has a name: Petra. It will be made up of apartments of 60 square meters, on average, with a balcony and barbecue and of a “New Córdoba category”, Jáuregui stressed.

In addition, each tower will have a multipurpose room and a swimming pool on the terrace.

In total, there are 18 thousand square meters that, at a construction value of more than one thousand dollars per meter, mean an investment of around 20 million dollars.

For this, the company is looking for a strategic partner and is committed to achieving the support of a financial institution.

“The decision to do it is: the land is ours and the project is approved. To launch it, in addition to waiting for the market reaction, we need to find a partner that allows us to offer the customer the best possible financing in terms of terms and conditions, “Jáuregui said.

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