Coronavirus: Luján firefighters honored hospital workers with a song


Every night at 21 thousand people go out to the balconies of their homes to applaud as a thank you to the health workers who are on the front lines of the battle against coronavirus.

The 9 de Julio band, from the Luján volunteer firefighters He went a little further and visited the local hospital, a clinic and the police station, to thank the workers for the work they do every day.

They interpreted the song “I will resist” in Jeremiah’s voice, and they were applauded by all workers.

For their part, Don Torcuato volunteer firefighters, sounding the sirens of the pumpers, they approached a nursing home to thank the staff who take care of the grandparents.

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Kiara turned six but he couldn’t have his party with friends, schoolmates and family. So the Volunteer firemen from the Pampas town of Quemú Quemú, they approached the pumps to the door of her house, greeted her and gave her gifts.


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