Coronavirus: Entre Ríos and Catamarca will not enable recreational outings either


Between rivers and Catamarca were added to the list of provinces that will not enable recreational outings announced last Saturday by President Alberto Fernández. In the last hours, the quarantine flexibility measure was rejected by the Buenos Aires government, by the province of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Tucumán, Misiones and Río Negro. In this way, they will prolong the isolation without modifications to avoid potential new coronavirus infections.

“The recreation can wait a week longer “, considered in a press conference the governor of Entre Ríos, Gustavo BordetAnd added: “Today the situation is controlled and we can’t waste all the effort which has meant all the previous time. “

In that line, the president called the Entre Ríos to practice “behaviors of social and individual responsibility” and to understand the exceptional nature of a situation that affects not only Argentina, but the entire world.

“Entre Ríos does not have active circulation, but nearby provinces and countries do”Bordet assured. For this reason, he expressed his support for the President’s decision to extend social, preventive and compulsory isolation until May 10.

To date, the governing district presents only 23 confirmed cases of coronaviruses, of which 13 were discharged. Meanwhile, only one of the remaining ten remains in intensive care with a ventilator.

For his part, Catamarca it is together with Formosa one of the only two provinces that so far they did not report positive cases of COVID-19.

However, this Monday he confirmed, like Entre Ríos, that he will maintain the quarantine restrictions and will not enable permissions for recreational activities.

“For the moment, mandatory preventive social isolation is maintained in the same terms “, emphasized authorities of the local Emergency Operating Committee (COE).

The decision was analyzed in a meeting that the specialists of the COE and the governor of Catamarca, Raúl Jalil, in which it was agreed not to advance with permission for outdoor activities or to grant exceptions for walks or recreational outings.

However, they reported that a new meeting on Wednesday with the aim of defining a possible list of exceptions, while outlining the work protocols for each of the possible activities.

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