What is the price of the DOLAR BLUE TODAY, Monday April 27, 2020

In the parallel market the currency is trading at $ 117. See what the price of the blue dollar is today and how they quote the dollar Exchange and the cash with liquidation

The blue dollar is trading today Monday, April 27, at 117 pesos for sale and 107 pesos for purchase, after the sharp rise it registered last week.

This occurs in a market shaken by the global recession derived from the coronavirus (Covid-19) in which the exchange rates implicit in the stock market operations returned to the 110-peso zone.

For its part, in the rest of the segments, the currency reacted with disparity in all its segments.

The retail dollar is located around $ 68.69, so the value of the official dollar, on average, is $ 89.30.

In the wholesale segment, the value of the dollar was $ 66.43, always under the watchful eye of the Central Bank.

In turn, the stock prices traded with increases: the dollar with settlement (CCL) is offered at $ 112.02 while the MEP dollar is trading at $ 108.35.

For its part, in the informal segment, the blue dollar is holding around $ 117.

In the City of Buenos Aires the average price of the dollar is around $ 68.69, according to the usual survey carried out by the Central Bank among the main entities that operate in it. The breakdown by entity is as follows:

– Galicia: $ 68.75

– Nation: $ 68.25

– ICBC: $ 68.70

– BBVA: $ 69.45

– Supervielle: $ 68.90

– Santander: $ 68.50

– Balance: $ 67.25

For its part, the blue dollar is located around $ 117 in caves in the downtown area of ​​Buenos Aires.

The blue dollar does not have an official price, but its value comes out of the average price at exchange places. The exchange stock, measure implemented to control the price of the currency and take care of the reserves of the Central Bank, reactivated the operations in the parallel market, where users seek to avoid the cap of $ 200 per month for savings.

On the Rofex futures market, contracts traded with expiration at the end of September close at $ 40,000 per lot.

In turn, the country risk for Argentina stands at 4,068 basis points.

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