The new stage of quarantine debuts in Constitución with unemployed passengers, increased movement and lax controls

This Monday a new phase of the quarantine and the flow of people at the Constitución station was much higher compared to the previous weeks. This was reflected in the main station of the Roca train, where the passengers traveled standing.

“People were standing on the train,” a passenger told TN when getting off a formation. He explained that more and more people travel and that controls are performed only in this header. “I go up in Banfield and there is no one, the control is only here,” he assured.

“Three weeks ago I went back to work and I saw too many people today“confirmed another user of the Roca train. In his case, he traveled in a wagon in which the passengers were seated, but noted that he intentionally searched for the wagon in which he saw fewer people.

“It is seen that more places will have opened, but you have to see how many have real travel permits,” reflected the passenger.

The controls to passengers, as reported by the administrator of this railway, include: verify that the user has their single circulation permit that enables him to travel to that point of the City and take body temperature (If it gives more than 37.9, the process is repeated and, if confirmed, the Police and SAME are notified).

At the same time, by way of prevention, each time passengers arrive, the disinfection brigade that sanitizes the hall and the turnstiles.

Last week the first massive passenger testing in order to determine what proportion of the population had contact with the virus and already developed antibodies. Of the 400 tests that were performed, they all tested negative.

In principle, throughout Argentina this new stage of social, preventive and compulsory isolation will spread until May 10, with different essential activities and recreational outings enabled, depending on the jurisdiction. The City, the province of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Córdoba they refused to allow rides.

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(Photo: TN Web Infographic)
(Photo: TN Web Infographic)