In Mar del Plata a shelter caught fire and eight dogs died


Blanca lived with 100 dogs in the shelter that bears his name and works in Parque Camet, Mar del Plata. In the last hours the tragedy knocked on his door: his house caught fire and eight animals died.

Apparently a electrical fault It was the one that caused the fire that in a few minutes consumed everything it found in its path. Now the woman needs help to move on.

A fire destroyed a dog shelter in Mar del Plata. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

Blanca too lived there and had all his belongings. So in addition to donations to animals, you need help to rebuild your home.

Moved, she wrote on social networks where she asked for contributions: “Do not leave us alone. Please, in what they can help us, from food, blankets, mattresses, sheets, braces, labor to even fix the ceiling … “, explained the woman on the refuge’s Facebook account.


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