CORREO ARGENTINO relaunches its PAQ.AR SERVICE, with special RATES


It joins traditional e-commerce logistics options, so that SMEs, merchants and entrepreneurs can boost their sales

In this context of quarantine, the Correo Argentino relaunches its service, a parcel service with deliveries throughout the country, so that SMEs, merchants and entrepreneurs can boost their online sales.

For it, In addition to traditional e-commerce logistics options, a new Pickup service in the main points of the country with special rates.

Those who make it, will not have shipping limits. Likewise, each package may have a maximum weight of up to 25 kg, and the maximum measurements are 250 cm, adding all the sides (the maximum being 150 cm), and they can be shipped throughout the country. is available on the Correo Argentino institutional website, accessed through Mi Correo, online self-management portal that allows you to make shipments with 24-hour tracking and that has specialized support.

Despite the health challenges we face around the world, the company remains committed to serving Argentines. Both the safety of their customers and employees remains their top priority, as they provide the essential service of delivering your mail every day.

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