Coronavirus in Argentina | They raid a house that worked as a nursing home in Villa Devoto: there is a suspicious case of COVID-19

The authorities of the City of Buenos trespassing to a house that worked like geriatric in the neighborhood Devotee Villa. The operation started at 10 and confirmed that one of the residents had a temperature of 38 °, a situation that forced the initiation of the COVID-19 protocol. The prosecutor in charge of the investigation ordered the eviction of the place and they are investigating whether it was authorized to house the elderly.

According to official sources, the investigation into the establishment, located in Allende at 2900, began last Friday from one Anonymous complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the City.

In this situation, a joint operation between the Corps of Judicial Investigations (CIJ) together with the Government Control Agency (AGC) and the Ministry of Health of the City, which started this Monday in the morning.

However, it was decided that the only ones to enter were the CIJ agents, after confirming that one of the old women had a temperature of 38 °. This motivated the activation of the COVID-19 protocol.

CIJ and PAMI personnel work on site (Photo: TN capture).

“At first Investigation of the lack of authorization of this house that it worked as a nursing home and a possible violation of closure, “said Jorge Ponce, the prosecutor in charge of the case. He also confirmed the arrival of PAMI personnel to the site to” comply with the protocol for its members. “

As you could know, the official dictated this afternoon eviction order of the establishment. Meanwhile, it will seek to determine if there was abandonment of people and irregularities with the implemented protocols.

On this last point, the Attorney General of the City Juan Bautista Mahiques said: “If it is proven that there was abandonment of person or the health of the elderly inmates was put at risk, criminal liability would fall on homeowners with penalties of up to 6 years in prison

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