Coronavirus in Argentina | The “musical truck” traveled the streets of Río Gallegos and there was controversy


From the culture area of ​​the municipality of Rio gallegos They had the idea to bring a little joy to the quarantined neighbors. So they hired a “musical truck” to go through the streets of the city of Santa Cruz.

Through an advertisement, they informed the days, the singers and the neighborhoods that the truck would travel. A user of TN and The People shared a video of the show on Eva Perón Avenue. In the images you can see and hear two singers giving a outdoor recital with light play and even smoke.

The announcement of the recitals for the weekend, which were finally suspended. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

Many of the neighbors broke the quarantine and social isolation, and went outside to enjoy the show. In the face of criticism of the initiative, deputy for the People of Río Gallegos Eloy Echazú said in dialogue with the newspaper New day: “Instead of being in solidarity with the neighbor and wanting to help, it seems that the coronavirus pandemic is causing the opposite to some leaders.”

And he added that “there were no crowded people, social distancing was respected and the neighbors were listening to the show from their windows.”

The truth is that the functions of the musical truck that were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday were suspended.


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