China denies it is spreading disinformation about the virus after EU report

BEIJING, Apr 27 (Reuters) – China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday denied allegations that Beijing is spreading disinformation about the coronavirus after a European Union document saying there is “significant evidence” of Chinese operations was released. undercover on social media.

“China opposes the creation and dissemination of disinformation by any person or organization. China is a victim of disinformation, not an initiator,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a news conference on Monday.

The document, released by the EU’s foreign policy arm (EEAS), claimed that some countries, including China and Russia, are responsible for spreading disinformation about the virus.

Reuters previously reported that senior Chinese officials pressured the EU to drop criticism of the study released last week, saying its claims would make Beijing “very angry.”

The document was released last weekend after a delay and some information regarding China was changed. An EU spokeswoman declined to comment.

China has fiercely defended its management against the coronavirus, while calls are being made from some countries, such as Australia, to initiate an independent investigation into the virus and its origin.

Geng of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said there was no conclusive evidence that the virus originated in China, warning that the “political maneuvers” behind calls for an independent investigation would not be successful.

(Information from Cate Cadell; edited by Toby Chopra and Emelia Sithole-Matarise, translated by Michael Susin in the Gdansk newsroom)