A UCR deputy turned over in Santa Cruz when she was traveling to Buenos Aires


The deputy of the UCR for Santa Cruz Roxana Reyes suffered a car accident on the route while traveling to the city of Buenos Aires.

The legislator is in good health. TN.com.ar He was able to know that Reyes did not need to be hospitalized, according to official sources in the province of Santa Cruz.

The legislator’s idea was to reach the City of Buenos Aires to ask the lower house to meet with the deputies present although maintaining the distance between each other.

“We are not going to endorse the concentration of power that occurs in the country, without Justice service, DNU rains and the Congress paralyzed, “the legislator had written minutes before getting into the car.

The deputy Reyes is in good health (Photo: Twitter Roxana Reyes).

Minutes later, he turned onto the road, in a section between Tres Cerros and Fitz Roy, as confirmed by the government of Santa Cruz to TN.com.ar.

“She was in good health. The provincial government will take her to Caleta Olivia. From there he will go to Comodoro Rivadavia to travel to Buenos Aires with another deputy, “they said.

Once in the City, Reyes will ask Congress to meet: “There is no insurmountable obstacle for us to meet face-to-face keeping the corresponding sanitary protocols


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