there will be no permission to leave in CAPITAL

The deputy head of the Buenos Aires government indicated that they will evaluate the new measures announced by the President and asked the parents not to remove their children

The deputy head of the Buenos Aires government, Diego Santilli, assured that in the City of Buenos Aires they will have to “analyze well the new measures announced by President Alberto Fernández tonight since” we are a district of four million inhabitants next to a Buenos Aires metropolitan area of ​​11 million “.

“Tonight we have a first approach via chat and tomorrow we will meet when the decree comes out to analyze well how we implement the new measures announced” and added regarding children who “still do not leave their homes until we analyze the measures.”

President Alberto Fernández ordered the extension of the isolation until next May 10, and that conglomerates with more than 500,000 inhabitants continue with the restrictive measures and those with less than that number could implement modifications.

The most important is to authorize children, throughout the country, to go out with their parents for up to an hour in a radius that does not exceed 500 meters from the home, as well as the so-called risk groups.

“I understood that this measure was for districts that had less than 500,000 inhabitants,” Santilli told the TN news channel, adding that if it is for the entire country, “I would tell parents not to take their children out for walks tomorrow until we analyze implementation in the City. “

Santilli stressed, in addition, that “if we make a decision in the City, it also impacts the metropolitan area, since some 11 million people come here, so all decisions regarding public transport and circulation must be made in consensus with the province” .

For Santilli what President Fernández set “are standards for the entire country, which means a ceiling, it will never be more than that, so we must analyze here how we implement it.”

“Our City has more than 500,000 inhabitants and we have a conurbation of 14 million, so public transport is central so as not to expose the population to the risk of contagion.

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