Sunday weather: cloudy, cold and likely thunderstorms at night

This Sunday in the city of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires conurbano will be cloudy morning and afternoon, and there is a probability of storms isolated at night. Strong winds are expected and a minimum temperature of 15 degrees and a maximum of 21.

The winds will blow from the eastern sector with a speed between 42 and 50 kilometers per hour during the day and between 51 and 59 at night.

Bad weather is scheduled for Monday. There will be isolated showers and thunderstorms in the morning, afternoon / evening storms and northeast winds of up to 50 km / h all day. With a minimum temperature of 17 degrees and a maximum of 21.

It is forecast for Tuesday showers in the morning and storms in the afternoon. With winds from the northwest rotating to the southwest milder than the previous days, between 7 and 22 kilometers per hour, and a temperature that will be 17 degrees low and reach 21 maximum.