“#Irresponsables”, the hashtag of the controversy in Spain after the first outing of children during the pandemic

After six weeks of strict confinement, today was the first day that the Spanish authorities authorized the recreational departure of the children to alleviate the quarantine. The outgoing flexibility measure sought to care for the little ones. That they were not afraid of the pandemic, that they enjoyed the outdoors, that they were not traumatized … But what happened was – at times and places – a lack of control.

The images of children and adults huddled in the open air went around the world and generated outrage in the Spaniards, who after weeks of effort begin to see how the painful curve of deaths by coronavirus flattens, the third most virulent after the US and Italy . Since the outbreak broke out in Spanish lands, almost 23 thousand people have died. What is experienced in Spain is a drama, it is not exclusive to that country, but it is its own tragedy.

Paying attention to the parents’ complaints, and listening to the recommendations of experts, Pedro Sánchez enabled the daily departure of minors as of today but with clear rules: circulation is limited to one daily walk, maximum one hour long and at a distance not exceeding one kilometer from the minor’s home, between 9 and 21.

During the daily walk, an interpersonal distance with third parties of at least two meters must be maintained. Likewise, the prevention and hygiene measures against COVID-19 indicated by the health authorities must be complied with. However, under no circumstances will access to outdoor recreational children’s spaces be permitted, as well as sports facilities.

“It is the responsibility of the accompanying adult to ensure that the requirements to avoid infection are met during the daily walk,” says the decree. And that is exactly what was missing in some places in Spain, responsibility. For this reason, the #Irresponsables hashtag became a trend in Spain.

“Seeing images like this you realize how irresponsible many people are in this country. Please stop doing the asshole. Many of you are not aware of how screwed this has been for those who have suffered it. Do not facilitate the contagion #irresponsables ”, wrote the user @Marwanmusica.

@markusQQCCMH was even tougher: “I have been locked up in a 60m2 apartment in Madrid for almost 2 months, without a terrace or dogs. I only go out 1 day a week to shop at the closest supermarket, always protected. Today open your hand, and you do this? You are irresponsible and selfish. “

“And this afternoon remember everyone to go out on the balcony to applaud and sing‘ Resistiré ’#irresponsables. Ahh and blame the Government, the opposition and PACMA if you want. We have what we deserve. What rage! What impotence! ”, Wrote Alberto Santamaría from Valencia. The text was accompanied by a video in which you can see a park crowded with people and children playing soccer, contact activity clearly not allowed.

“#Irresponsible parents what they really wanted was to see their friends and not walk with their children,” @arontwe said.

@bossbitchari did not leave his amazement: “My parents work in hospitals and they work hard every day to make this better so that people are this irresponsible. You make me sick #irresponsible #subnormal #ninosenlacalle “.

“More than 20,000 dead, millions of people staying at home confined for more than 40 days, police doctors and workers breaking the hell out of us and then you will have the balls to tell us that teenagers are irresponsible #irresponsible”, wrote angry @Jositx_ .

@ Panik81 also pointed against the parents: “We will all sunbathe together, then a good nap and at 19:00 we get up to blame the 8M and participate in the pan against the Government. #irresponsible “

When he announced the relaxations in the quarantine, Sánchez asked for caution. The president is now expected to rule on the first day, make his evaluation and determine if the trust reaches or if the protocol to alleviate the confinement of the little ones should be modified.