After the announcement, Alberto Fernández clarified that the walks “will depend on the municipalities” and the City questioned them

In the announcement of the new phase of compulsory isolation, President Alberto Fernández announced that, starting next Monday, all people can make short recreational outings “from one hour to a maximum of 500 meters”. However, he later clarified that the regulation of the measure will be in the hands of the provincial and municipal authorities, who will decide whether or not to give the green light to the permit.

“You have to see the epidemiological conditions of the place to see if you can. In that, you have to be very respectful of what the provincial and municipal authorities say,” said the president. In this way, he made it clear that the last word will have the governors and mayors.

It is that the President affirmed that “Not everything is the same”: “The problem is not the same in very populous areas as in places in the interior of the provinces that practically have a 0 risk.”

After the official announcement of the extension of compulsory isolation, Fernández assured in dialogue with the channel C5N who understands that “after spending 35 days in our homes there is a psychic, psychological need to go out a bit. ”

Departments according to virus transmission. (Credits: Government Press)

That is why, in those places where the epidemiological conditions are given, the authorities may regulate short departures, as walks of maximum one hour, no more than 500 meters from the person’s home, without using public transport and complying with the recommendations for distance and hygiene. The President announced that they would be organized in certain time zones or by groups according to the DNI number.

The definitions will be known from Monday from the hand of the authorities of each district. For his part, the deputy head of the Buenos Aires Government Diego Santilli assured in dialogue with TN that they will discuss the measure with the cabinet in the course of the next few hours.

“The number of people moving in the metropolitan area is great. The decision has to be made with Governor Kicillof as well, because it also impacts the province “, he explained.

Santilli affirmed that “the president has set a standard, a ceiling, from which large agglomerates have different parameters.” And he concluded: “We have to take care not to spread this pandemic.”