Today’s horoscope, Saturday, April 25, 2020



They should not worry about certain tensions arising from work related situations. Do what you can with those people with whom it is not easy to communicate. Patience as the basis and the value of priorities.

Color Moment: Moss green.


New situation in which they must be handled with caution. Affective relationships are not lost, know how to realize in time the true value of things. Wanting to see is wanting to solve things.

Color Moment: aquamarine.


They sympathize with people and feel more communication under the circumstances. Try not to get ahead of the events, there will be time for everything. Know how to give the deserved importance to each thing. Communication.

Color Moment: pink.


An important advance in a situation they believed lost. The variety of concepts will make you consolidate dialogues into something productive for you. You can always if we put the best intention. Internal renovation.

Color Moment: coral.


What they start do not abandon it for insufficient reasons or that can be modified. Do not give up on the unforeseen events that are natural in life. Learn to listen and to listen to yourself more.

Color Moment: carrot.


Do not regret having made that gesture with alleged opponents. It will give them great peace of mind to be able to widen their eyes and learn not to see enemies where there are none. Benevolence soothes and heals.

Color Moment: Violet.


A different alternative will be presented financially even in somewhat complicated circumstances. Joy and relief. Do not submit to emotional situations that would leave without good spirits. Release.

Color Moment: Gray.


An entertaining dialogue will make them change their mood. Promise that is fulfilled in the financial plane. Take advantage of the possibility of leaving certain schemes that make you typecast. Find solutions in life.

Color Moment: crimson.


They may not imagine initiatives they will take when they receive new and unexpected responses that favor them. Using your own resources and creativity is giving yourself the confidence to believe in what you want to do. Complete love.

Color Moment: pure blue.


An unusual emotional situation will make them rethink certain things. Do not anticipate the facts, do not listen to confusing versions, do not seek to become confused or put excessive energy on things that do not make sense.

Color Moment: amethyst.


Space that they will dedicate to people from the emotional environment realizing important things. They discover and connect with the true importance of things. Certain internal struggles are resolved. Introspection and spirituality.

Color Moment: White.


Do not suggest with certain situations that they see or find out. Try to manage fears and suggestion. Everything would point to them being able to renew trust in the people they love. Realize that sometimes we are wrong.

Color Moment: Cherry.


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