How do you know what time they read a message?

In a really simple way you can see the exact time the message was read individually or in a group of which you are part

Sometimes it is not enough to know if the recipient has read it and received it. They want to go a little further, knowing exactly what time they read it.

To achieve this, it is very simple, and it only takes three steps.

First of all, it is known that there are three phases through which the messages you send on WhatsApp go through: one tick means that it has been sent, two ticks that have been received and two blue ticks that have been read. It is possible to configure it so that the two ticks do not turn blue when reading the message.

To know at what time a message has been read –either in an individual or group chat– you must do the following:

  • WhatsApp messages can be bold, italic, crossed out or monospaced. The trick is to be able to use bold, italics, and strikethrough.
  • Then you have to open the individual or group chat.
  • Press and hold the sent message.
  • Touch the information icon. If you don’t see that button, click on ‘More options’ and then on ‘Info’. There you can see exactly what time your message has been delivered and read.

The reasons why message read receipts are not seen are:

  • Because the recipient has disabled read receipts in the ‘Privacy Settings’.
  • Because the recipient may have blocked you.
  • The recipient’s phone may be turned off.
  • The recipient may not have opened the conversation.
  • You or the recipient may not have an Internet connection.

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