Volkswagen turns 40 in the country

On April 24, Volkswagen Group Argentina celebrates 40 years of presence in the country. The German automaker has two Industrial Centers: one in Pacheco, where it produces the Amarok pick-up that is exported to different destinations around the world, and Córdoba where 100 percent transmission boxes are produced for export.

At the marketing level, in 2019 the sales leader in the domestic market ended, a place that it has occupied for 16 consecutive years, as reported by the company, through its Volkswagen, VW Trucks and Buses, Audi and Ducati brands.

During the past year, the company met two productive milestones in its history in the country: it reached 1.5 million manufactured cars and 14 million gearboxes.

IN CORDOBA. The automaker has manufactured in Córdoba more than 14 million gearboxes.


Currently, Volkswagen Group Argentina is in the process of modernizing its production plants thanks to an investment of more than 800 million dollars.

An investment of 650 million dollars was destined for the Pacheco Industrial Center, for the implementation of the new global platform MQB A. There the new SUV Project Tarek will be produced.

150 million dollars were destined to the Córdoba Industrial Center for the production of a new MQ281 six-speed transmission box. The transmission will be 100 percent for export to Europe and will begin to be produced during the first half of this year. In total, the company employs more than 5,000 employees.