online legalizations are added to file with the IGJ and the AFIP

The General Inspectorate of Justice – starting April 22 – accepts procedures legalized by the Buenos Aires Council in digital format

Within the framework of the preventive and compulsory social isolation decree issued by the national government, the Professional Council on Economic Sciences of Buenos Aires is working on different aspects, among which are further expand the list of digital legalizations via the Web and make the organizations accept it as valid.

This is what happened with the General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ) that from April 22 accepts procedures legalized by the Buenos Aires Council in digital format.

For this, those enrolled must:

1. Enter the Council page, then go to Legalizations – Web, Enter the system -with agreement and password to legalize via the Web- and, finally, select the operation you want to do before the IGJ.

2. Once legalized the procedure is available on the Web platform for download. In turn, the Council sends the information to the IGJ for knowledge and validation of the presentations.

3. To complete the process at the IGJ, the enrolled must appear at the agency with the turn, and present the legalized document printed and signed holographically.

It should be clarified that the legalized procedures in the Council until 18 hours will be sent to the body on the same day, but those received later will be sent the next day.

On the other hand, the following legalizations were also added to those already existing:

– Professional actions on manifestations of assets and compliance with regulations of the Financial Information Unit (FIU).

– All documentation presented to the AFIP except forms 404, 443 and 414; Transfer prices of resolution 1122 and instruments derived from resolution 3421).

Unlike what happens with the IGJ, it is very important that before carrying out these legalizations it is checked that the entity, which usually receives it in paper format, be prepared to receive it digitally. Therefore, this must be corroborated in advance since once the legalization process has been managed, it cannot be canceled.

The file to legalize must be in a single PDF file. The formal controls will be the same that are always carried out, in order to have a legalized document with the security that it provides in the same terms that we always do, as a security for the signing professional, for the entity, and for the user. final.

With these new legalizations, 95% of the procedures that could be done in person can now be done online before mandatory isolation is decreed.

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