Mutiny and fire in the Devoto prison: “The anger of many was awakened”

Today in the morning, A violent riot broke out inside the Devoto prison, the federal prison in the city of Buenos Aires. Amid the prison strain over the coronavirus, a group of detainees rebelled at one of the prison levels: the detainees themselves sent videos to Infobae where you can see a fire between the cells. Neighbors in the area, meanwhile, report detonation sounds compatible with rubber bullet fire.

In the pavilion that is the focus of the riots, a detainee says on WhatsApp: “The anger of many was awakened.”

A high prison source acknowledges: “They took the first floor of the prison, the level reserved for drug traffickers and detainees who are studying at university.” The source is surprised: riots often start in sectors populated by detainees accused of violent crimes such as robbery and murder.

Another source of weight within the State coincides: “I don’t know what they are going to give them to calm down. This has already escalated at the political level. ”

In the meantime, City Police deploy infantry personnel, dispersal groups, and fire units preventively on the perimeter outside the prison.

With information from Rodolfo Palacios and Federico Fahsbender