He is a nurse and sings to his patients to ease their pain

In the Adventist Sanatorium of Plata in the town of Libertador San Martín, province of Entre Ríos, there is a hope and friendship. This, thanks to a nurse who sings to patients with his guitar to make them more bearable on hospital days.

Gustavo Simón has worked there for 17 years, he started as a stretcher bearer and when he received it he devoted himself entirely to nursing. He loves to sing and discovered that there is a connection between music and recovery. “To the patients changes their faces, relieves pain“, told in dialogue with TN and The People.

He is married and has a three year old son. Although there is a positive case of coronavirus where he works, he is not in contact, but still appreciates the applause of the 21 hours that are replicated throughout the country.

Gustavo For 15 days, she took care of two grandparents who shared the room. Virginia, the granddaughter of one of them was the one who uploaded the video where the nurse sings to them “Zamba of my Hope” .

One of them is called Ricardo is 88 years old and he was discharged. “My grandfather loved it, he was moved because he likes folklore a lot. I thought the nurse’s gesture was great. I will always be grateful for taking care of him, changing him and feeding him all this time. part of our family“the woman said excitedly.

Gustavo is wearing the chinstrap with his initials that Ricardo’s family gave him. (Photo: TN and La Gente).

Ricardo lives in the town of Viale, about 60 kilometers from where he was hospitalized. Upholsterer always, he and his family decided to give Gustavo a chin as a thank you. They knew it was a Boca fan, and they made it with the blue and yellow colors and they put the initials of the professional.