Distributors’ debt with CAMMESA rises to 77,861 million pesos

The liability soared after Edenor and Edesur recently joined the list of delinquent firms. The situation changed in recent months

The debt of the electricity distributors with Cammesa climbs to 77,861 million pesos, 89 percent more than that registered at the beginning of this same year, just three months ago.

According to the EconoJournal site, the liability skyrocketed after Edenor and Edesur recently joined the list of delinquent firms. Pampa Energía’s company owes 6,800 million pesos and Enel’s Italians another 6,300 million. In third place is EPE de Santa Fe with 9700 million pesos.

Cammesa’s collectability in October of last year reached a peak of 96% because the vast majority of electricity distributors had been regularly paying energy.

However, due to the rate freeze, this percentage began to deteriorate rapidly and in March it reached a floor of 60%, a figure that has not been recorded since the beginning of 2016.

In the sector, they take it for granted that this percentage will continue to drop because during the quarantine arranged to try to stop the coronavirus, the collection of companies collapsed dramatically.

The government issued decree 311 that prohibited the service cut due to non-payment, in addition to the fact that customers could not pay by means such as Pago Fácil or Rapipago, which contributed to deepening this situation.

Said decree contemplates only those directly affected by the crisis, but its regulation was delayed until last Saturday and it has not yet been precisely defined who is included.

Until February, Edenor and Edesur had been complying smoothly. The first alarm signal was registered in March when Edenor paid only 53% of the energy and Edesur 37%, added EconoJournal.

The April data, updated until the 16th, show that both Edenor and Edesur this month only paid 10% of their bill. The debt of these two firms currently represents 17% of the total money owed to CAMMESA.

In turn, there is a long list of distributors that in April did not directly pay anything. Among them, EPE of Santa Fe stands out, which at the end of September was listed in the “other” category with a debt of just 765 million pesos and now owes 9,700 million, 12.5% ​​of the total red accumulated by the distributors, said the aforementioned portal.

In the fourth place on the list of debtors, the missionary EMSA appears, which has already been unpaid for 13 months and accumulates a debt of 9300 million pesos.

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