Coronavirus in Argentina | The first doctor died in the province of Buenos Aires

Héctor Bornes, 56, became the first Buenosairean doctor in losing the life because of coronavirus. Authorities are trying to determine how it was spread.

As recorded TN, one possibility is that man got infected from his wife, a pediatrician who, in turn, would have been infected by a guard. Another version maintains that the doctor became ill at the Angel Marzetti hospital in Cañuelas, where he worked. Everything is a matter of analysis.

The death of this new health worker, the fourth in the entire country, occurs at a time when is under discussion yes protective elements and the work of doctors and nurses are adequate to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Different associations and entities expressed their concern in this regard.

The doctor, who had graduated from the National University of La Plata (UNLP), was hospitalized on Thursday at the Cuenca Alta hospital in Cañuelas. Remained in intensive therapy with respiratory complications from COVID-19.

On April 14 she had the first symptoms: fever and headache. So he decided to isolate himself to avoid contagions in the health area of ​​that town.

As published by the news portal infocañuelas, the professional had a heart attack five years ago and that could have generated immunosuppression due to a decrease in the number of platelets, which would have generated an even greater impact of the virus.

The mayor of San Vicente, Nicolás Mantegazza, decreed two days of mourning and in dialogue with TN he remembered the doctor as a “great neighbor and professional”. “It is a very sad moment,” he added.